Small groups

The most important thing you can do to grow in your faith, is to join a small group.  Our culture keeps us in the “captivity of activity” and far from the way life was meant to be. Jesus, through the community of a small group, modeled how we do life together. He connected with the disciples through life experience, through teaching, and action as they served the needs of others. Consider this your personal invitation to join one of our small groups. All are open to new members.

  • SUNDAY, 10:00AM @ CBC Family Center Rm 12– CO-ED

    Leader: Michael McClusky

    We are a multi-generational and diverse Bible Study including singles & couples, ranging in age from our 50’s to over 90. We learn from each other as we read God’s word. Little or no preparation required. We move as fast or as slowly as necessary for understanding; and welcome fellow travelers, regardless of their duration of stay. 


    Leader: Sharon Wilkes

    Women's small group, studying God's word together.

  • THURSDAY, 9:30 AM @Oakmont of Folsom –  WOMEN

    Leader: Alice Churchill

    We are new and mature Christians learning more about God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit and growing our relationship with Him.


    Leader: Scott Trevor

    Currently meeting at home of Scott Trevor.

    We are a group of Men using a tried and true method for studying God's word that is used around the world to build disciples of Jesus Christ. It also has the benefit of no required reading or homework! The focus of our studies will be on God's word directly. Each week we will take a passage of God's word and really dig into it, understand it personally, and learn how to apply it to our lives.

  • THURSDAY, 7:00AM @Powerhouse  – MEN

    Leader: Terry Churchill & Bill Whigam

    We are currently meeting at Powerhouse Ministries - 311 Market St. in Folsom, at 7:00 am on Thursday mornings.